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Brookstead & Pampas Houses

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Brookstead & Pampas Houses – Aged Care, Pittsworth

Specialised Dementia Care Houses 

Beauaraba Living in Pittsworth is excited to introduce two new aged care supported living houses which have been designed to assist patients with dementia, allowing them to continue to enjoy life in a safe and friendly environment.

These memory support designed houses incorporate montessori methods for dementia and are expected to be completed around the second half of January 2020. The two buildings include a combination of room styles to choose from, providing a capacity of 26 beds (13 within each house).

Only an easy 30 minutes drive from Toowoomba, our new houses are situated within beautifully landscaped gardens, open spaces and with an abundance of natural lighting that creates a homely feel.

You can make enquiries now to ensure you don’t miss out on securing a place, so you or your loved one can call one of these beautiful new residences your home.

At Beauaraba Living we understand that home is where the heart is.

Pampas is located to the south of the complex while Brookstead is located to the north (closest to the Bowls Club)

This Stage 3 building project is the result of receiving a recent grant in the last Aged Care Approvals Round.

About Beauaraba Living

At Beauaraba Living, our mission is to provide compassionate and personalised care through community, respite and residential services while still supporting the resident’s independence and dignity.

We believe in bringing happiness to every day.

Our care team delivers skilled, timely and compassionate care to meet our resident’s needs physically, spiritually, culturally and emotionally.

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Information Morning Tea & Tour

February – March (Date to be advised)

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Brookstead and Pampas are essentially mirrored. Both houses have:

  • 2 Conjoined Rooms (in each house)
  • 5 Suite Rooms (in each house)
    •   King single beds are provided, and residents are invited to supply their own favourite small items of furniture for their rooms
  • 6 Standard Rooms (in each house)
    • Adjustable single beds for comfort.
  • Activities Room
    • Can be used for reading, puzzles, board games as well as craft activities.
  • Lounge Room
    • Spacious and comfortable lounge areas perfect for relaxing or entertaining visitors. There is a complimentary mix of contemporary and classic furnishings designed for comfort and visual enjoyment.
  • Dining Room
    • Enough seating for all residents (13 in each house).  Spacious and comfortable dining areas with a complimentary mix of contemporary and classic furnishings designed for comfort and visual enjoyment.
  • Patio & Courtyard
    • Generous outdoor areas and landscaped gardens. They are furnished for outdoor dining, entertaining visitors and for quiet reflection.
  • Servery
    • Fully functional kitchens, however, meals are prepared fresh onsite in our main kitchen and served in each dining area. Our staff can assist if any of the residents would like to do some baking or assist in serving meals.


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  • Montessori Comfort Care Program – enhancing the lives of residents, and provide them with a sense of comfort, calmness and serenity, regardless of physical or cognitive status.
  • New design and technology to enhance resident safety, comfort and enjoyment
  • Catering for the needs of individuals with our personal approach to care
  • Landscaped gardens for personal enjoyment
  • Mix of contemporary and classic furniture for comfort and visual enjoyment
  • Care when you need it at a time suited to you, 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • A home-like design not institutional
  • Designed to provide a home environment with comfortable lounge dining areas, quiet nooks for reading and reflection, spacious outdoor areas for sharing with family and friends
  • While meals are prepared fresh on-site and served in comfort of your dining room, both Brookstead and Pampas each have their own functional kitchens
  • Residents can choose to do some baking or even prepare a light meal with visitors or sit back and let us take care of you
  • Standard sized rooms as well as suites for those looking for more space and comfort
  • “This is your home and we believe in bringing happiness to every day”

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Enquire Now

Book in for your tour today or register your interest in one of the 26 rooms available – these won’t last!

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